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Affordable, small batch whiskeys aged and blended to perfection!

90 Points "Exceptional"

92 Points "Exceptional"

2019  85 Points Silver

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Mashbuild XO Cognac

Holding a unique French charm, this full-flavored XO Cognac barrel finish offers an exceptional taste.

Mashbuild Batch

Mashbuild comes from the idea that blending bourbon from different stills, ages, and mash bills will result in a superior product with roundness and depth not found in traditional bourbons. 

Cask House

“Best Buy” in every tasting entered! 

Our Cask House Triple Oak Bourbon and Rye is blended from several whiskeys (up to 8 years old) made in different stills and using different mash bills

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Gold Medal 2021.jpg
Gold Medal 2021.jpg
Silver Medal 2021.jpg
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The taste will certainly remind you of old bourbons, but with a personality that is distinctly Evans & Pike. Expect to taste old oak, vanilla, hints of caramel, pepper, and subtle spice that is present but far from overwhelming. A sturdy and beautiful product.

Gold Medal 2021.jpg
Silver Medal 2021.jpg
Cask House Rye
  • 2021  89 Points Silver Medal "Best Buy"
  • 2019  91 Points Gold Medal  "Best Buy"
  • 2018  88 Silver Medal             "Best Buy"
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