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Introducing Evans & Pike:A bourbon unlike any you’ve ever tasted

Some things are WORTH waiting more than a decade for

The bourbons that are blended to produce Evans & Pike are hand-selected by our master taster from the oldest barrels in our solera, with the youngest barreled in 2007, and the oldest in 2000. This ultra-aged bourbon is also made from 3 different mash bills, creating a flavor profile you won’t find in any other bottle.

The taste will certainly remind you of old bourbons, but with a personality that is distinctly Evans & Pike. Expect to taste old oak, vanilla, hints of caramel, pepper, and subtle spice that is present but far from overwhelming. A sturdy and beautiful product.

3 different mash bills, one uncompromising bourbon

– Mash Bill #1: 60% corn / 35% rye / 5% barley

– Mash Bill #2:75% corn / 21% rye / 4% barley

– Mash Bill #3: 80% corn / 15% rye / 5% barley


Solera Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Hand-selected from the oldest barrels in our Solera, all the bourbons in this exclusive blend are aged 9-19 years and then bottled at just over 100 proof, where the flavors truly sing. The Fifty Best hosted a Bourbon Whiskey Tasting where this bottle received a gold medal. Read the full press release below. 

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