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Signature Finishes

 Mashbuild Bourbon Signature Finishes

Each of our signature batches brings out a slightly different expression of what bourbon can be.  We carry several unique blends that are finished in barrels that have only the best flavor profiles you can find from around the world.  You can find flavors that meet a variety of taste buds, to be sipped and enjoyed.   

But no matter which batch of Mashbuild you are tasting, all of them bring a lot of whiskey flavor, all are unique drinking experiences, 100% exclusive and 100% delicious!

Flavor Profiles you will find

Signature Finises
Mashbuild Rye Whiskey_edited.jpg
Gold Medal 2021_edited.png
Gold Medal Winner
Rye Finished in Rum

We combine the Bold spice of our rye whiskey with the sweetness found inside one of the world's great rum in barrels. The incredible Spirit begins with flavors of pepper, spice, and caramel from our Mashbuild Rye then finished in a used Barbados rum Cask which imparted notes of apricot, banana, orange, and vanilla. Whether you're sipping or mixing this is a taste you won't forget anytime soon.

Kona Coffee Finish

I'm such a big fan of Kona coffee that I wanted to use it to finish bourbon and the result is a dry, bold, dark bourbon that is great alone or in a variety of cocktails

XO Cognac Finish

Holding a unique French charm comma this full flavored XO cognac barrel finish offers an exceptional taste period expect to taste orange comma chocolate comma and dried fruit period With notes of caramel and vanilla comma this pairing is a must try for all period

MB Oloroso Sherry Bottle Shot.png
Gold Medal Winner
Oloroso Sherry Finish

Layered flavors of dried cherries, vanilla, and worn leather, set this whiskey apart. The Sherry barrels, flown in from Jerez, Spain, dictate such a distinct nutty flavor we recommend enjoying it on a single large rock to experience the nuances.

Tawny Port Finish

The resulting Spirit produced a one-of-a-kind spirit with a perfect balance of sweet and earthy tones. Expect to taste flavors like toffee, mocha, dried citrus, and spice from the barrel pairing well with the vanilla, oak and caramel from the whiskey. Enjoy it neat on the rocks or in a cocktail. But be sure to ENJOY it!

Cabernet Finish

This whiskey boast big vanilla bourbon flavor up front, with subtle loamy-cherry finish, flavor provided by the Napa Valley Cask this bourbon's aged in. Sip it neat or on the rocks.

MashbuildBourbonWhiskey (1).png

The bourbon chosen for this finish is a traditional mash-bill that has sweetener notes to complement the subtle apricot, candid orange, lemon zest, toffee and baked bread of one of the very best Sauternes produced.

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